Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Check out our variety of housing options. All units are one bedroom and provide 843 square feet of living space. Each floor plan includes all standard amenities and is complete with plenty of storage space (including an outdoor storage unit on the deck). Enjoy an open kitchen area, plenty of living space, and a comfortable bedroom area with lots of room! Though each floor plan contains approximately equal square footage, some of the layouts are different depending on the floor and location of the unit. Take a look at each below!

2018-01-16 Unit Plan

First Floor Units

All first-floor units have nine-foot ceilings.

Middle Unit:  $835.00/month | no garage

End Unit: $905.00/month | with garage

Second Floor Units

All second floor units have cathedral ceilings in living and dining areas

Middle Unit: $855.00 | no garage

End Unit: $925.00 | with garage

2018-01-16 Unit Plan

Lindberg Pointe Villas

These are 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage - $1225/month.


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Lindberg Pointe Villas

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